1)  How long will the Certification Program run?
A:   The Certification Program consists of at least 120 hours of structured
learning.  Depending on the seminar schedule and your availability, you may
be able to complete the program in as short as 2 months or as long as 2

2)  Is there a time line or time limit for the completion of the program?
A:  During your qualifying interview, your CP coordinator will provide you with a
prescribed timeline based on your availability.  As much as possible, we
encourage students to complete the program within 2 years in order to
practice as a Certified HR Professional as soon as possible.

3)  When is the start of enrolment?
A:  You may enrol within 1 month of your qualifying screening and interview.  
Because the program is designed to be flexible for busy working people, you
may start the program any time of the year.

4)  I have already taken some HR courses from Businessmaker Academy,
can it be credited to the program?
A:  Yes, definitely.  Each HR seminar has corresponding credits that can form
part of your 48 credit requirement for certification.  However, to ensure that we
only accredit based on the highest standards of Certified HR Professionals,
you will be asked to take a qualifying test.  You are also encouraged to take
refresher courses to get updated with current information about the course.   

Note:  Past graduates who wish to take a refresher session will only pay
Php500 to cover food, module and materials.

5)  Do you have promos, discounts or pay-lite schemes?
A:  For individuals who pay in full, the discount rate is Php78,000 instead of the
full program rate of Php84,000.  Pls
contact us for more details.

6)  What if I do not pass the Certification Testing?
A:  Should you not pass the Certification Testing, you will only have to enrol
again in the Certification Review & Testing course (fee=Php8,500).  Then take
the test again.  A limit of only two Certification Tests may be availed of per year.

7)  I live in the province and I cannot physically attend the seminars. Do you
have an online version?
A:  Unfortunately, as of the moment, we do not yet have an online version of the
program.  There is a possibility that an online version will be developed in the
future.  Please keep in touch.

8)  What is the HR Club Elite Membership?
A:  The HR Club Elite Membership is a very exclusive group that is only
available for Certified HR Professionals of Businessmaker Academy and HR
Club Philippines.  Aside from the premium benefits of HR Club Philippines,
HR Club Elite Members have access to the HR Mentorship program among
other perks.  For more information about HR Club Benefits, please visit

9)  Is the Certification Program accredited by TESDA, CHED, PRA or other
government agencies?
A:  The Certification Program of Businessmaker Academy & HR Club
Philippines is a private institution initiative that is not affiliated with TESDA,
CHED, PRA or other government agencies.  As of the moment, the above
government agencies do not provide professional licensing for HR
practitioners and have not yet been mandated to act as an accrediting body for
the HR industry.  Hence, professional educational institutions like ours
manage the accreditation and licensing of its own members.    

10)  Is the Certification Program revocable?
A:  Yes.  Certified HR Professionals must be in good standing and abide by
the HR Club Philippines code of ethics.  We reserve the right to revoke the
certification for non-compliance and gross misconduct of each member.
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