Digital Marketing Plan
Developing a Digital Marketing Plan for your company can be daunting.  There is a lot of
information online but you can easily get lost or overwhelmed with the info overload.    This
course provides you with the essentials of Digital Marketing – the channels, platforms,
terminologies, practical tips and best practices – to help you craft your Digital Marketing Strategy
and develop your own Digital Marketing Plan. The course also provides useful tools and
resources to get you started immediately in Online Marketing.
Proactive Marketing & Sales
This one-day seminar shows the importance of marketing and sales for your company.  It
promotes a proactive mindset as a way of life at work with practical techniques, tools and
templates you can immediately use.  Discover how the marketing spirit can bring success to you
and your company.  Get updated with new practices and methods to increase your sales.
Sales Probing, Negotiations, Closing
Selling is a way of life.  Whether you are a salesperson by profession or someone looking to
prosper in life, you will find that the skills you will learn in this 1-day seminar workshop will
provide you great insights on how to persuade people to buy from you.  Learn practical sales tips
and techniques that will make you enjoy the sales process and increase sales results.  Find out
how you can effectively prospect, probe, negotiate and close deals now!
(1 day)
(1 day)
(1 day)
Customer Service Excellence
The key to a successful business is to persuade your customers to buy again and again.  But the
way to get repeat business is to ensure that your customer is satisfied enough to patronize your
business continuously.  This seminar prepares your team to give impressive and consistent
service to your customers.  It helps you establish rapport with clients, integrate a professional yet
personal approach and find ways to satisfy and build good customer relationships for repeat
(1 day)
Customer Complaint Handling
Irate Customers come to us because their needs are not met.  They provide us an opportunity to
assess and improve our service and customer relationship. This workshop prepares you to
gracefully deal with difficult or irate customers and handle difficult situations.  It provides
guidelines and practice scenarios for common customer complaints.  Moreover, it helps you
create a system for emergencies as well as spiels for your most common customer concerns.  
Learn to turn customer complaints into customer relationship-building opportunities.
(1 day)
Let Us Help You Mind Your Business!   
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Sales Presentation & Pitching
How you present your product can make or break a sale, so invest in fine-tuning your
sales pitch and presentation. This 1-day seminar helps you prepare product or
service presentations that will not bore your customer or audience.  Learn techniques
to enhance your business presentation skills, fine-tune your sales pitch and
presentation deck, make compelling sales pitches and call to action.  Find out other
effective ways to sell your product through effective communication.
(1 day)
Telemarketing & Outbound Sales
Telemarketing is not for the faint of heart.  This 2-day seminar prepares participants
to get the right motivation and mind-set for cold-calling.  It arms you with effective
techniques in customer call handling and provides effective time and stress
management to help you handle the challenges of the job. More importantly, it shows
you proven techniques to help you market and sell your products without irritating
your customers.  
(2 days)
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HR Club
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Social Media & Content Marketing
Do you need to increase your visibility and encourage your customers to learn more about you
and what you can offer in social media? Do you want satisfied customers that come back to you
again and again, and who tell the world about you? This course offers you the fundamentals of
social media and content marketing. It will provide the platforms, measuring tools, tips, and best
practices to help you create a social media marketing plan and schedule.
(1 day)
Sales Management
The pressure of reaching the team’s sales target can be intense but the rewards of
achieving your goal and gaining loyal customers are worth all the effort.  In this 2-
day course, you will learn to lead and manage your sales team to sell effectively to
the right customers.  You will learn to find, motivate, train and rewards sales
professionals who believe in their products and advocates its use.  This course will
bring out the sales leader in you!
(2 days)
Seminar is inclusive of handout, Certificate of Completion, Lunch, Snacks & Drinks.
Plus:  Free 1 time refresher session within 1 year (with minimal fee = Php500/day for food & handout)
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