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1. I like making money
Without physical effort
Wherever I go, Whenever I want
In the Comfort of my own home
…but I like Spending it More
2. The last time I made money in investments
Was last month or just recently
Was in 1978, or when Danny Vanny was still cool
Oh was that what I was supposed to do?
Let me check with my money manager who has been
missing now for 3 years
3. I believe that managing my own money is
Necessary because no one else will
Unnecessary since I don’t have any
Better left to someone else that I think can be trusted
Best done when I reach US$ 800,000,000
4. I have an Investing personality that
Enjoys learning new things that can make me money
Can be disciplined and patient if I really wanted to
Is simply drawn to Money
Believes that earning $5 in 5 years is extremely profitable
5. I believe that in order to make money in the Forex Market  
I must Buy low, and Sell High
I must Educate myself first
I must Buy low and Pray hard
I must have a keen sense of intuition
6. I’m Curious about Online Forex Trading because
I’ve been wanting to get into it but don’t know how
I like exploring new things that can make me a fortune
Don’t mind me, just passing through
I heard my friend talk about it, it’s the new fad
7. I feel that in Online forex trading
I can make money faster than trading stocks or commodities
I can make money without having to quit my job
I can get out of the rat race faster
I need a big amount of money to start with
8. I think that online Forex Trading is
As risky or as safe as you want it to be
About calculated risks
All about how lucky you are
Risky and Dangerous
9. I think online Forex Trading requires
Good Education
An economics or financial degree
Huge Capital
Lots of luck
10. I think I can really make money in online Forex Trading
If I Self-Study
If I Get someone who has been there and done that to teach me
If I Get someone else to trade for me
If I just wait and see
Find out if you have what it takes to become an online forex trader-investor.
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