"Seminars to Help You Manage Your Office Operations"
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Professional Office Administration
How to Manage Your Office Operations like a Well-oiled Machine
Ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of your office is not an easy task,
but with the right skills and system, you can keep your company running like a
well-oiled machine.  This course provides you with the fundamental office
management skills that will enable you to provide efficient support to directly
contribute to better performance, efficiency and team productivity in your
organization.  Learn how to manage your office professionally with effective
tools, techniques and strategies.
(1 -day)
Office Maintenance & Facilities Management
How to Handle Maintenance and Repairs for better Office Facilities
Office Maintenance and Repairs are important for maintaining your
company's facilities. Office Administrators are responsible in handling this
challenging area to ensure minimal disruption to business operations.  This
one-day seminar provides participants with the best practices in maintaining
your office facilities.  Learn how to manage your team to maintain and
improve your workplace.
(1 -day)
Office Inventory Management
How to Effectively Manage Office Supplies, Furniture and Equipment for
Office Administrators
Office supplies, furniture and equipment are basic necessities for running an
efficient office but these can be costly if it is not managed effectively.  Office
Administrators need to proactively take stock and control their office inventory
to ensure a steady flow of supplies with minimal wastage.  This 1-day
seminar provides a framework that will help Office Managers systematize and
keep track of inventory for smoother office operations.
(1 -day)
Office Logistics, Transport & Travel Management
How to Ensure Proper and Timely Coordination
for Office Logistics, Travel, Transport and Deliveries
Office Administration requires a lot of coordination, scheduling and transport
tracking.  To ensure timely delivery of office needs, Office Administrators need
to master the art and science of Logistics Management.  This one-day
seminar helps participants gain scheduling and time-keeping skills to better
manage logistics, transport, courier and even travel requirements.  Learn how
to properly handle logistics for better office operations.
(1 -day)
Office Files & Records Management
How to Create an Effective System of Information Storage & Retrieval
Electronic and paper documents can easily get cluttered and pile up in the
course of our busy work lives.  Managing office files and records can get
challenging if you do not have a system in place.  This seminar helps you
improve your work environment. It provides creative solutions for managing
office chaos, with space and time-saving techniques that you can
immediately apply.
(1 -day)
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A Must-Attend Seminar Series for Office Managers, Office
Administrators, Administrative Professionals & Business Owners!
Learn the latest Office Management trends, solutions and insights
for a Professional Administrative career!
Professional Office Administration Series:
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