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Marketing Program BundleWebinar Only = Php 4,860+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 9,450+VAT
Sales Training Program BundleWebinar Only = Php 6,660+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 13,950+VAT
Customer Service Program BundleWebinar Only = Php 3,240+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 6,300+VAT
Finance Management ProgramWebinar Only = Php 10,260+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 22,950+VAT
Leadership Program for SupervisorsWebinar Only = Php 8,100+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 15,750+VAT
Professional Office Administration ProgramWebinar Only = Php 8,100 +VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 15,750+VAT
Computer Training ProgramsWebinar Only = Php 6,840+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 15,300+VAT
HR Management Seminar SeriesWebinar Only = Php 8,100+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 15,750+VAT
Legal Employee Management Program BundleWebinar Only = Php 17,100+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 38,250+VAT
Employee Compensation & Rewards Program BundleWebinar Only = Php 11,880+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 26,100+VAT
Recruitment & Retention Program BundleWebinar Only = Php 13,500+VATWebinar+Seminar = Php 29,250+VAT

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Bank Deposit/TransferAccount Name: Business Maker Academy, Inc.
BPI SA Acct#: 4013-0306-64
BDO SA Acct#: 000-280-622-422
Please send the deposit slip/bank transaction confirmation with your name and course to:
Viber# (0912) 2231826 or Email:

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