Training Bundle: Professional Office Administration
Learning Bundle Program Series:

Professional Office Administration Program

Available in Webinar or Seminar Format.
Get Bundle Discount when you avail of this program.

Session 1

“How to Manage Your Office Operations like a Well-oiled Machine”
Webinar Duration: 4 hours
Seminar Duration: 8 hours

Session 2

“How to Effectively Manage Office Supplies, Furniture and Equipment
for Office Administrators“

Webinar Duration: 4 hours
Seminar Duration: 8 hours

Session 3

“How to Handle Maintenance and Repairs for better Office Facilities”
Webinar Duration: 4 hours
Seminar Duration: 8 hours

Session 4

“How to Create an Effective System of Information Storage & Retrieval”
Webinar Duration: 4 hours
Seminar Duration: 8 hours

Session 5

“How to Ensure Proper and Timely Coordination for Office Logistics, Transport and Deliveries“
Webinar Duration: 4 hours
Seminar Duration: 8 hours

Program Bundle Rate:
Full Program Bundle
Php 11,250 + VAT
Php 10,125 + VAT
Full Program Bundle
Php 21,250 + VAT
Php 19,125 + VAT
  • The Courses in the Program Bundles may be taken as individual courses at regular rates or as a bundle at discounted rates.
  • The Program Bundles may be taken by a single enrollee or companies may enroll different individuals for each course in the bundle.
  • The 10% discount is only applicable for training program bundles and may not be used together with other promos.
  • Live Webinars are conducted via Zoom and includes: eCertificate of Completion, Access for Supplementary materials.
  • Live Seminars will be held at Businessmaker Training Center in PSEC-Tektite, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Regular Seminars include: Certificate of Completion, Seminar Kit, Meals and Drinks.
  • Live Seminars include non-transferable one-time refresher seminar session within one year.

You may pay via check at our office or you may use any of these payment facilities:  

Bank Deposit
We accept bank deposits:

Bank Account Name: Business Maker Academy, Inc.

Bank Account Numbers:
BPI SA# 4013-0306-64
BDO SA# 000-280-622-422
Landbank CA# 3732114830
Paypal/Credit Card

We accept paypal or credit card payments.  If you wish to use this payment method, pls register and click on paypal as your mode of payment.  Our representatives will contact you to provide our official paypal link and assist you in processing payment.


We accept payments via e-wallets, credit card, online banking or over-the-counter payment centers via Dragonpay. Pls register and choose Dragonpay payment method. Our representative will contact and provide you with our Dragonpay link and assist in processing. 


We accept Gcash payments. Pls register and pay using this QR code. 


Please send your proof of payment and include your name, course & class date to:
Viber#: (0912) 2231826 or


Important Note: Business Maker Academy Inc. is a VAT-registered company. TIN# 223-672-691-000 VAT. For zero rated or VAT exempt companies, please include your Certificate of Exemption. Provide Form 2307 or Certificate of Tax Withheld if payment done with tax withheld. Please withhold only 2% as we are classified as suppliers or contractors of service.All bank payments should be directly deposited to our official company bank accounts only under account name:

Business Maker Academy, Inc. Please be advised that no other individual/personal bank account is authorized to collect payment on behalf of the company..

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