Course Program
Training on 5S & 7S Method for Workplace Improvement by Business Maker Academy & HR Club Philippines

5S & 7S Methods
for Workplace Improvement

“How to Organize & Optimize Workplace Productivity, Safety & Efficiency”

Live Zoom Webinar: 
Duration: 1 session x 4 hrs
Time: AM Sched = 8:30am-12:30pm  |  PM Sched =1:30-5:30pm
Schedule 2024: Jul 23 (AM) | Sep 11 (PM) | Dec 10 (AM)

Live Seminar: 
Duration: 1 day x 8 hrs
Time: 9am to 5pm
Schedule 2024:  By Special Arrangement

Course Description

In a busy workplace where chaos tends to quickly pile up, mastering the 5S and 7S methods is vital to instill order, increase efficiency, safety, and productivity. This course introduces participants to the Japanese 5S+2S principles of work environment improvement. Participants will learn how to apply these methods in the areas of Workplace Organization, Good Housekeeping & Visual Communication Management, which will result in better efficiency, less waste and fewer accidents, and also promote a healthier working environment and culture. Learn this practical and sustainable approach to good housekeeping for all types of businesses.

What you'll learn

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the basic concepts of 5S and 7S methods of workplace improvement
  • Discuss the action steps for 5S and 7S and recognize its benefits
  • Initiate and implement 5S & 7S improvements to the workplace
  • Examine best practices and gain 5S & & 7S ideas that can be applied in the workplace
Course Highlights
  1. 5S and 7S Overview – History, Concepts, and Definition
  2. Benefits of Implementing 5S and 7S
  3. Building a 5S & 7S-workplace culture
  4. 5S+2S Principles
    >S1-Sort – Seiri
    >S2-Set in order – Seiton
    >S3-Shine – Seiso
    >S4-Standardize – Seiketsu
    >S5-Sustain – Shitsuke
  5. Steps to Help You Get Started in implementing the method
  6. Challenges in Implementing 5S & 7S
  7. How to Sustain & Keep Improving the Program
  8. Best 5S & 7S Practices for Workplace Organization
  9. Best 5S & 7S Practices Good Housekeeping
  10. Best 5S & 7S Practices Visual Communication Management
Who Should Attend?

This course will be very useful for Human Resource, Quality, Production, Logistics, Lean, Occupational Health and Safety Managers/Supervisors/Specialists. It is also designed for Administrative Officers and Staff of both private and government organizations.

Php2,250 + VAT
Php4,250 + VAT
  • Live Webinars are conducted via Zoom and includes eCertificate of Completion. Printed Certificates may be requested with minimal processing fee of Php100 plus shipping fee.
  • Live Seminars will be held at Businessmaker Training Center in PSEC-Tektite, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Regular Seminars include: Certificate of Completion, Seminar Kit, Meals and Drinks.
  • Live Seminars include non-transferable one-time refresher seminar session within one year.

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