Assertive Communication Training by Business Maker Academy and HR Club Philippines
Course Program

Assertive Communication

“How to Communicate, Set Boundaries and Resolve Conflict with Respect"

Live Zoom Webinar: 
Duration: 1 session x 4 hrs
Time: AM Sched = 8:30am-12:30pm  |  PM Sched = 1:30-5:30 pm
Schedule 2024:  Mar 1 (PM) | Jun 3 (AM) | Oct 4 (PM) 

Live Seminar: 
Duration: 1 day x 8 hrs
Time: 9am to 5pm
Schedule 2024:  By Special Arrangement

Course Description

In today’s dynamic and collaborative work environments, mastering assertive communication is crucial for professional success and positive workplace relationships. This training program provides participants with the essential skills and strategies to express themselves confidently, effectively communicate their messages with a sense of urgency, set boundaries and navigate challenging workplace situations with clarity and respect. Participants will learn the importance of assertive communication to foster a culture of open dialogue, to enhance teamwork and to resolve conflicts constructively.

What you'll learn

By the end of the course, participants will learn:

  • Distinguish assertive communication vs. aggressive, passive & passive-aggressive behavior
  • Demonstrate assertive communication while respecting local culture
  • Communicate sense of urgency to get things done more effectively
  • Use assertive communication techniques for dealing with difficult people or situations
  • Practice assertive communication for internal and external customers
Course Highlights
  1. Behavioral Communication Patterns
  2. Barriers to Assertive Communication
  3. Importance of Assertive Communication
  4. Managing Assertiveness: Getting the Right Message Across
  5. Intention & Perception
  6. What you say and how you say it
  7. Repeatable Framework for Assertiveness
  8. How to apply Assertive Communication to regular work situations
  9. How to handle Delays and other frustrations
  10. How to handle problematic work situations
  11. How to deal with difficult people using assertive communication
  12. Achieving Balance for Assertive Communication
  13. Assertiveness Clinic: Practice Scenarios and Feedback
  14. Dealing with Internal Customers
  15. Dealing with External Customers / Suppliers
Who Should Attend?

Employees at all levels: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Team Members, Customer Service Professionals and anyone who would like to gain work life skills and use assertive communication for better work results, team collaboration and service.

Php2,250 + VAT
Php4,250 + VAT
  • Live Webinars are conducted via Zoom and includes eCertificate of Completion. Printed Certificates may be requested with minimal processing fee of Php100 plus shipping fee.
  • Live Seminars will be held at Businessmaker Training Center in PSEC-Tektite, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Regular Seminars include: Certificate of Completion, Seminar Kit, Meals and Drinks.
  • Live Seminars include non-transferable one-time refresher seminar session within one year.

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