Transformational Leadership Communication Course by Businessmaker Academy
Course Program

Transformational Leadership Communication

"Unlock your team’s potential with the power of your words to build a healthy, growth-oriented culture.”

Live Zoom Webinar: 
Duration: 2 sessions x 4 hrs
Time: AM Sched = 8:30am-12:30pm  |  PM Sched = 1:30-5:30pm
Schedule 2022:  Oct 18-19 (PM)
Schedule 2023:  Feb 9-10 (PM) | May 11-12 (PM) | Aug 30-31 (PM) | Oct 26-27 (PM)
Live Seminar: 
Duration: 2 days x 8 hrs
Time: 9am to 5pm
Schedule 2023: Jul 13-14 | Nov 23-24
Course Description
Most office issues, conflicts or problems are caused by miscommunication, especially if you manage a Filipino workforce where emotions tend to rule and if uncorrected can lead to low morale, low productivity and an unhealthy work environment. As a leader, you must be able to give clear instructions and provide motivation using different channels of communication wisely. This session will teach participants to develop their Leadership Communication competency and learn to manage “empathy”, “sympathy”, and “productivity”. This session provides techniques and insights that will help executives, managers, supervisors or team leaders build a positive, productive and growth oriented business relationship with others. This 2-day seminar/workshop is a must if you want to become a better communicator and a better leader in the Philippine setting.
What you'll learn
  • To set the mindset for growth and maturity using communication with safety zones
  • To re-focus energy from “drama” to “results”—-a crucial lesson for Filipino Leaders
  • To develop, strengthen and enhance your public speaking persona and delivery style
  • To Influence people with authentic connctivity and relatability
  • To learn and apply a proven system in designing and delivering content that is personal, engaging, influencial and results driven consistently.
Course Highlights
  1. Transformational Leadership & the Power of Words
  2. The Cost & Causes of Team Discord & Office Drama
  3. Destructive Communication Habits
  4. Leader’s Role in Building Better Team Communication
  5. Developing Leadership Communication Competency
  6. Setting Up Your Team’s Communication System & Safety zones
  7. Enhancing Your Interpersonal Communication Skills
  8. Motivating & Encouraring Your Team
  9. Giving Clear Instructions and Guidelines
  10. Listening & Fact-finding Techniques
  11. Giving Feedback, Correcting Your Team without hurting their feelings
  12. Online Ettiquette & Social Media Communications
  13. Managing Team Collaboration with Digital Apps
  14. Types of Public Speaking Scenarios for Leaders
  15. Audience Profiing
  16. The Art & Science of Connecting with Your Audience
  17. Your Public Speaking Persona and Presentation Style
  18. Presentation Blueprinting
  19. Opening & Closing Your Talk
  20. Powerpoint Presentation Skills Update
  21. Technical Preparation & Dealing with Nerves
  22. Formula for Audience Engagement
  23. Managing Your Presentation Time
  24. Dealing with Questions & Answers
  25. The Takeaway
Who Should Attend?
Business Executives, Department Heads, Managers, Supervisors or Team Leaders, Organization or Civic Leaders, Executive Assistants or any person in charge of leading a team, group or community.
live webinar only:
Php3,950 + VAT
webinar + seminar:
Php8,500 + VAT
  • Live Webinars are conducted via Zoom and includes eCertificate of Completion. Printed Certificates may be requested with minimal processing fee of Php100 plus shipping fee.
  • Live Seminars will be held at Businessmaker Training Center in PSEC-Tektite, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Regular Seminars include: Certificate of Completion, Seminar Kit, Meals and Drinks.
  • Live Seminars include non-transferable one-time refresher seminar session within one year.
  • Live Seminar Enrollees who have not yet attended their live seminars due to pandemic limitations are automatically enrolled in Live Webinar + Seminar program. Please contact us to book your slot.

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