Leadership in the Time of COVID

We need leaders with a clear vision to help our team, company or organization navigate during these uncertain pandemic times.  Here are some articles and tips for developing strong and mature leaders that can rally up and move people in the right direction and solutions.  Enjoy our HR Club eNewsletter February Edition! 

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A great leader must possess excellent communication skills. Here are 7 magical moves that leaders may use to covey strong messages to their people.

An employee’s behavior is a response to how a leader corrects him. Get tips on how to break it to him gently… 

Some people are hard-wired to handle everything by themselves. But this mindset is often counterproductive and burdensome. Get tips on how to delegate better…

What’s the difference between a Manager vs. a Coach?  Find out why being a Coach on Top of a Manager is essential in the workplace these days.

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Does HR Club Philippines accept partners and sponsors?
Yes, we want to be able to give added perks to our members that can be provided by partners and sponsors. We also try our best to give partners an opportunity to share info about their products and services. It’s a win-win for everyone. However, since we seek only credible partners, we screen and reserve the right to refuse partners that we deem unfit for our members.

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Aside from learning events, what other products or service does HR Club Philippines offer?
We also provide other support services to help employers and HR practitioners such as Coaching & Consultancy Services, Instant HR Forms & Templates, Job Portal, Staff Housing Dormitory, Venue Rentals & Commercial Office Rentals.

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