Born to Lead and Be Role Models

We asked our trainers to share their insights and best advice on some of the most important aspects of  work life success. Here’s what they have to say… ON LEADING PEOPLE

Our Digital Marketing Whizkid Eugene Sugian says:

Pass the credit to your team and be the first to take ownership of the blame. Trust and loyalty can only be forged when they know that you got their back. Also when delegating, explain why they’re the best person to do it.

Our Accounting Pro CPA Cherry Mendoza says:

Be a leader of vision because it sets the direction.

Our HR Advocate Kitt Aguilar says:

Leadership is about influence and inspiration. It’s about empowering people to achieve goals. Make sure to capture their heart first before you ask for their hand.


Our Labor Law Expert, Author & Multi-gifted artist Attorney Erwin Zagala says:

It is natural to serve and take care of other people, but don’t forget to include yourself in the list. If you don’t pay attention to your needs, you burn out and ultimately, you can’t serve anyone.

Our Sales Expert & Health is In Entreprenuer Ian Nubla says:

Go back to the basic principle of life, that there is a time for everything. When the sun is out, work. When the moon shines, rest.


Our Multi-versed Sales, Admin & Management Trainer Cally Tiosejo says:

Keep doing well by doing good. Keep improving yourself by surrounding yourself with people who are hungry for knowledge and wisdom.

Our Operations Management Expert Jude Surita says:

In overwhelming moments, and you are in a bind, remember to do three things. First is to Practice the Pause, second is to Stay in the Moment and the third is to Let it Go.

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