The BMA Story: Would You Give Up Your Security to Pursue Your Dream?

At the age of 30, Mark and Jhoanna left their high-paying corporate jobs to pursue the dream of building their own company.

They wanted to build a company that mattered—an enlightened business that can make a difference and improve people’s lives. After exploring and checking out several business possibilities, they zeroed in on starting a business that they were passionate about and invited their friend Cindy to join the core team.

Together, with their combined passion, blood, sweat and tears, they established a Learning The company that has come to be known as Businessmaker Academy.

After 15 years, Businessmaker Academy has served more than 50,000 happy customers with top industry trainers. We aim to continue helping people grow and experience the joy of learning.

Be part of our BMA dream. Invest in yourself, invest in your people.
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