7 Survival Tips for Retrenched Employees

Thousands of people are losing their jobs because of the pandemic. If you recently lost your job, here are a some tips for you to survive this crisis:

1. Remind Yourself that It Isn’t Your Fault
You have the skills and experience…it is just that businesses everywhere took a heavy blow due to the pandemic which is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself or others. Instead, move forward and do something about it.

2. Post Your Resumes in Job Portals
Now is the time to get yourself out there by posting your resume and applying in job portals like unlijobs.com. Do not limit yourself with traditional jobs. The more portals you post in, the better your chances of getting hired.

3. Learn a New Skill
Use this time to learn a new skill that employers will need in the new normal. There are many affordable or free online webinars available that can help you learn and upskill. Go for what is in demand and what you have talent for.

4. Stay Connected
Tap into your circle of family, friends and network. Join groups like HR Club Philippines to get updated on latest news and job trends. Build your connections and stay connected with supportive and helpful people.

5. Manage Your Finances
Whether you received separation pay or not, it is time to tighten your belt by reducing unneccessary expenses and learning how to stretch your cash. Take stock of all your cash, assets and credit line to see how long you can last during this emergency.

6. Sell Something
Start selling something on the side like items that you don’t need, products of your former company or other companies, etc… Doing so will give you extra income but more importantly, it teaches you an important survival and life skill.

7. Pray and Keep Your Hope Alive
Pray for blessings, pray for hope. Keep your faith alive and focus on positive vibes. We are all affected by the Pandemic. It is outside of our control. All we can do is adapt and stay resilient. Survive now, things will eventually get better.

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