Should You Get a Leadership Coach?

Most organizations provide Leadership Development Programs that often include seminar courses on Leadership.  While this provides the essential skills and framework for becoming a good leader, managers are often left to their own devices to apply what they have learned.  If you want to take your Leadership Development Program to the next level, consider adding Leadership Coaching to the fold. In this newsletter edition, we’ll explore several tools and interventions to help leaders lead better.

HR Club President explains why getting a coach can be pivotal for leaders.  Learn how coaching can make a difference in your leadership journey and career.

It’s high time people understood that the role of CHRO is one of the most strategic positions that can have a major influence in the company.

Project management blunders can be very costly to companies.  We recommend these solutions for preventing project pitfalls.

We’ve listed seven smart ways to help you advance your career and get promoted to the position you’re dreaming of. Try them now.

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What type of coaching does HR Club Philippines Offer? Our SPARK Leadership Coaching program offers one-on-one or group coaching with these theme options for you to choose from:
  • Sales Leadership Coaching
  • HR Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Business Start-Up Coaching
To learn more about the Spark Leadership Coaching Service, contact us at (0917) 8643416  or click here for more info

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What can a Spark Coach do for you?

Through your scheduled online coaching sessions, your SPARK Coach will guide you in defining targets and action points, unblocking barriers and achieving results while sparking your passion for self-leadership through exercises and thought-provoking questions, as well as, providing you with a good sounding board.  These sessions are designed to help you focus to achieve targets in a healthy and safe environment.  It will give you the necessary push to the right direction.

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