3-Step Game Plan for Business Survival During Covid 19

A Message of Hope from our CEO Mark So on Business Survival During COVID-19 Pandemic…

Hello, my name is Mark So, the CEO and Founder of Businessmaker Academy, Inc. I’d like to deliver a short and simple message, a 3 step game plan for business survival during the COVID-19 Pandemic now plaguing the world.

Our business, like any other business is centered around people. We provide live seminars. The problem is, the whole world is facing a Pandemic now and we need to practice “Social distancing“. ( Problema, may pandemic ngayon at kailangan ng “Social distancing”. )

So, instead of operating our business, we have to do the Socially responsible thing and Quarantine ourselves and our people during these times. (Kaya katulad ng karamihan, imbis na makapag operate, kailangan mag Quarantine na lang muna)

And because of that, our sales has been ZERO for 2 weeks already and counting. If your business is in a similar situation — You are not alone. (At dahil diyan, zero ang sales namin for 2 weeks na and counting. Kung ganyan ka din — Hindi ka nag-iisa.)

HOWEVER, and this is my message: No matter how hard the situation is right now, WE WILL SURVIVE THIS! (kahit gaano kahirap ang situasyon ngayon, we will survive this! )

There were times we didn’t know if we would survive

Businessmaker is 17 years old this year. We’ve had our share of successes as well as failures. There were times when we didn’t know if we would survive.

But we did.

In every instance, good times and bad, I was always with my people. Ironically, The Crisis that we faced back then was because of my People! I think as a Business owner you can agree, managing people is one of the hardest aspects of succeeding in Business. It’s a real headache sometimes right? (Madalas, ang crisis namin noon ay dahil sa mga tao namin. Sakit ng ulo ang pag manage ng tao diba?)

But I learned, and I took care of my people, and in time, those people stayed with me, and they took care of the business.

Now, we are facing a HUGE crisis, perhaps the biggest crisis that humanity is facing.

How do we make our business survive this Covid-19 Pandemic now?

Protect your people. Financially and emotionally. — If your people survive, your business survives.

A 3 Step Game Plan for Business Survival During COVID-19

That’s why, our game plan is 3 simple steps. (Kaya ang game plan namin 3 steps lang.)

  • Step 1: Stretch the cash you have for as long as you can so that you can continue giving salaries, allowances or loans to your people (stretch the cash para mabigyan ng sweldo, allowance or loans ang mga tao namin) — But that isn’t enough, you also have to “Communicate” all that you do to them so they know and so that they do not feel scared (at para hindi sila matakot.)

  • Step 2: Lift their spirits every day — Keep your people busy and productive during this time. Spend the time to text or call all of your people, keep them company and try to spread positivity in these negative times. remember HOPE starts with you.

  • Step 3: Lastly, Pray hard that this Pandemic is solved sooner than later. God willing, this too shall pass (Lilipas din ito) and we will all prevail together!

Even if we are quarantined and are at home, we can all do our part to do these 3 steps for our businesses to survive. It is a simple message that I hope you can help me share with as many business owners as possible. Please copy the link and share it on your social media pages. I look forward to meeting you in person after this Pandemic passes.

In the mean time, please stay safe and healthy.

Best regards,

Mark So CEO and Co-Founder, Businessmaker Academy, Inc.

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