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Mental Health During Pandemic

How is your mental health during the pandemic? When was the last time you practiced meditation or mindful breathing and relaxation?  Have you ask yourself lately if you are okay?

In times of crisis, everyone is affected in various ways. One major concern during this pandemic is its impact on our mental health, an aspect we tend to leave unchecked. Since we face problems everyday and react without even thinking of how it could affect others and our own mental health, we tend to ignore our feelings and stress because the pain is not immediately felt. We tend to have this mindset to only deal with things when they are really manifesting enough pain. That is why mental issues seemingly hit people hard suddenly, but there may have been warning signs already along the way.

A person’s mental health without proper and immediate care would be vulnerable to an overwhelming amount of stress. In our fast paced world, things can easily spread like how a virus can easily turn to a full-blown pandemic catastrophe. With pandemic as the topic all over media and on the internet, overwhelming stress becomes inevitable. Stress in which people fear for their own and their loved one’s health and safety. Even in the comfort of their homes, the feeling of being trapped and hopeless intensifies as negativity is widespread. Our mental health during the pandemic is at risk, however, there are ways in order for us to protect it. Here’s how we can avoid or minimize its effects.


In order to cope with the amount of stress in times of pandemic, social support is important. With the use of technology, it can be done in many ways while following safety measures like social distancing. One could use applications that have video chat function for a more personalized interaction than online messaging. Expressing social support to your loved ones, friends, co-workers and team mates can be done through the use of social media sites. It is crucial to express strong emotions of hope, empathy, and love because people can get emotionally vulnerable during hard times.

The youth and people who are already going through tough situations prior to the pandemic need it the most. They depend on their loved ones for social support so those people must stay strong for them. Additionally, those who are more susceptible to the virus or have been infected with COVID tend to feel isolated and discriminated. Without social support, these negative feelings can lead to mental health issues like depression and trauma. Social support is a gift that we could share especially during times of chaos and hopelessness.


As much as you need help from your loved ones and professionals, you also need to take care of yourself. This is crucial because how you take care of yourself would reflect on your reaction towards others’ help. Those who neglect self-care would most likely reject others’ help too because self value defines self worth.  Practicing self-care during pandemic is the best way to protect yourself from the virus. Self-care can be and should be done everyday by being hygienic, eating healthy, having proper exercise, and so much more. This is due to the fact that  a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Thoughts are harder to process when your body needs are not fulfilled which may lead to overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Focusing on yourself makes the virus seem less concerning for you while being able to address it. At the end of the day, it is your body against the virus and your mind against the stressors. Taking care of ourselves will also make an impact on other people especially to those around us. People seek for inspiration or motivation when it is scarce so taking self-care seriously can give hope and inspire others.


Our mental health during pandemic is something we should value aside from our physical health. It allows us to cope with situations or factors that our physical strength alone cannot handle. Without good mental health, even those that our bodies can handle would seem so difficult. However, there are ways to take care of our mental health and of others during the pandemic. We must keep in mind that we are all interconnected as social beings. Our actions reflect on other people as much as their actions reflect on us. Unconsciously, how we act or behave is based on a collective point of view on others’ actions or behavior. This logic is also applicable on how we cope in difficult situations like the pandemic.

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