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As the workplace rapidly changes due to the pandemic, companies and workers are still scrambling to adapt and reorganize their work systems, work habits and flow. Now more than ever, organizing skills are becoming critical for individual employees and teams to continue to operate well, whether working in the office, remotely or in a hybrid set up. For this September eNewsletter, let’s take a look at how to be organized at work!

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Being disorganized tends to be costly for you and your company. It can waste time, money and energy. Watch out for these avoidable costs.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by out to-do lists, leaving us unsure where to begin. When this happens, it can be helpful to focus on two criteria…

Time to create a sustainable Records Management System to keep files safe, secured, organized and updated. Here are some practical tips and tricks.

If you have been feeling bored at the office, perhaps it’s time to brighten up your workspace. Try these easy tips and get an instant boost in your spirit.

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