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Workplace Group Chat Etiquette

Workplace Group Chats: Best Practices for Effective Communication

Instant messaging platforms and workplace group chats have become indispensable tools for effective communication. These digital spaces allow teams to collaborate, share information, and streamline workflows. However, to ensure these group chats remain productive and efficient, it is essential to establish best practices that promote clear communication, maintain professionalism, and foster a positive work environment. Let us explore the best practices for workplace group chats and provide valuable insights for maximizing their potential.

Common Payroll & Benefits Complaints

7 Most Common Payroll & Benefits Complaints

Employees rely on their employers to deliver accurate and timely compensation, as well as comprehensive benefits packages. However, despite the best intentions, payroll and benefits processes often become a source of frustration for many workers. From delayed payments to confusing benefit structures, these issues can significantly impact employee satisfaction and overall morale within an organization.

How to Manage Your Boss with Finesse | Article by Businessmaker Academy

How to Manage Your Boss with Finesse

Managing your boss can be tricky. After all, they hold the keys to your career success and can greatly influence your job satisfaction and paycheck. So how can you effectively manage you boss and stay sane? Fear not, my friend, for I am here to guide you through the treacherous waters of boss management. With a little bit of finesse, you can learn how to manage your boss effectively and maintain a positive working relationship with your superior.

Essential Skills of Office Administrators | Article by Businessmaker Academy

7 Essential Skills of Office Administrators

Office administrators play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of any organization. They are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of an office, including handling administrative tasks, coordinating with different departments, and maintaining office records. To become an efficient office administrator, one needs to possess a range of skills. Check if you have what it takes to become a successful office administrator…

Records Management Tips & Tricks | HR Club Ph & Businessmaker Academy

Records Management Tips & Tricks

Your company is growing… Hurray! But you notice that your files and folders are too. Boxes and crates of documents are piling up. Storage spaces, both physical and digital are getting full. What can the good office manager do?! Records Management To the Rescue It’s time to create a sustainable Records Management System that will ensure the …

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Gatekeeping for Office Administrators


I believe that one of the most important people in any type of organization are the Office Administrators.  They do many tasks and experience great challenges. It seems that everyone in the workplace relies on them from the smallest detail to the most important ones. The workplace may be left in chaos if they are …


Characteristics of Indispensable Executive Assistants

Characteristics of Indispensable Executive Assistants

What is an executive assistant? What does it take to be an indispensable executive assistant? The perception that they are just employees doing all the clerical works for their boss has changed. A lot of people now consider them as an extension or a representative of their boss. They serve as the the right hand …

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Time & Work Management article by Business Maker Academy

Time and Work Management: Know What Works for you

Time and Work Management Skills are  essential competencies for all working people.  Knowing how to maximize your time and multiply your productivity spells the difference between an effective vs. ineffective worker. Here are some areas that you need to focus on if you want your team to work smarter in order to save more time, …

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