HR Technology for the Age of Remote Work

The pandemic has forced many organizations to transition to remote work and a hybrid of online and off-line operations.  This situation poses new challenges for Business and HR practitioners.  In this May 2021 eNewsletter, we present to you technology tools, tips and free resources to help you and your organization survive and thrive in the Age of Remote Work.

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How has the arrival of the digital age transformed our role in HR? Get the answer here.

There are worrying signs or at least rational reasons to predict the negative consequences of prolonged remote work.

Operating a contact center efficiently and profitably is a difficult task. It is only made more difficult with unpredictable events such as COVID-19 that have accelerated the need for digital transformation and workplace flexibility

What’s needed to embrace remote work in your company for the long haul? Get tech and culture notes from this article.

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Who can attend the HR Technology Fair Online Learning Virtual Roadshow ?

The HR Technology Fair Online Learning Virtual Roadshow is open to Business and Human Resource Department Heads, Managers and Supervisors.  This is a series of webinars that may be availed of for FREE, but it is limited to 100 slots only. First come, first served.  To book a slot as an attendee, visit and register for your webinar topic choice.

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How can my Company join the HR Technology Fair?

Companies may join the HR Techology Fair as a partner-sponsor.  We have several event packages available to suit your needs.  Since the online learning virtual roadshow is designed to provide valuable learning for our participants, outright selling is not allowed.  HR Club Philippines reserves the right to screen and approve sponsor-partners and their materials.  For more info, you may contact me at: (0917) 5721713 or visit:

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